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  • Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Introduction – My Journal

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My name is Donna Reilly, I am 44 years old. Over the last twenty-four months, I have been learning who I am, down to gaining great skills in the IM Industry. Learning how pathetic family members can be when you build on things you enjoy doing. It has just made me learn that some people do not belong in my life. I have been an SEO Content Writer for the past 4 years. Going from doing $5 jobs on Fiverr to these days doing jobs for $200 upwards on websites like Quill and Scripted. Over the years I have worked with teams of others and found lots of the content written was not unique, which wasn’t giving me my own stamp in the world of Journalism. I like to be different and unique with my journal. I will never really be just normal, but hey, normal is boring :P. Hilarious news is fun.

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Going out on my own

I have decided to nowadays start my own journal covering news stories and day to day things I enjoy doing. I have always been passionate about two topics, in particular, those two topics are women’s football and politics. So my journal will not just consist of what I will be getting up too. I will also be covering great stories going on in Ireland and the world. Mainly I will cover my opinions on what I think about the topics I am passionate about.

I find covering topics I am passionate about fun and I can’t wait to get out with my camera and start covering great topics and fun unusual things that go on day to day in Ireland. Letting you in on my journey I am looking forward to. I will be updating my journal on a day to day basis. I am really looking forward to sharing me journey.



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