• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

People’s Stupidity Amuses Me

All my life I have been surrounded by idiots. I grew up in a very crab bucket mentality place and they seem to try and pull you back when you start to achieve things in life. So annoying..

Stupidity, If You Work Online You Don’t Need Teams

What I mean by this is apparently because I am setting up an agency based on skills I have I must pick a team to work with I don’t want. Oh good god no, I mean online businesses are great because they are online and you can hire people via websites like Upwork.com.  Which for the first year of any agency getting off the grounds, it cuts costs. The world is full of people with no common sense. You need to just be sensible and hire great teams of freelancers. If you want a good online business that allows you to travel, hire freelancers.

The Art Of Meditation

Nowadays without meditation to calm me down, I don’t think my life would make sense at all. I will always be an old soul. I get people laughing because I meditate to the sound of the ocean, and I love the 50s and 60s music era, but it beats rappers shouting they hate the world in my opinion, each to their own.  I find it makes me see just how I don’t belong in the UK nowadays. People don’t grow up, they think you shouldn’t develop because they haven’t. The place annoys me nowadays, it isn’t surprising Europe doesn’t like England. I mean why do they have to be different? Why do they need everything their own way? For instance, their own schooling, own money, not happy with the Euro, European rules they don’t like, etc. Leaving that country was the best thing I ever did. God bless meditation.


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