• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

How many idiots do you know?

We have all heard stories regarding idiots becoming rich, is it luck that does it though? Are they actually stupid? I am always asking this question. The main actors are men and women who have been labeled the disadvantaged folk by those who call themselves opinion leaders.

Among these people who are labeled idiots are people who lost their parents at an early and tender stage. Those who are finding it hard to cope with school work. Those who appeared sickly in their youthful age, those that talk to much, those who have not gone to school, those who came from a poor background, those who have not met, wined and dined with the who is who in their society, those who have not traveled wide, etc. These people are labeled idiots only for the reason that they are not favored at the starting point.

Is being the favorite a good thing? I question this often..

Having been plagued by the odds visible to some of the human eyes, many never counted these people as survivors neither were they given a chance of robbing shoulders with pick performers. For some time the table looked normal however, not long the tables were turned down by some unexpected displays. Funnily success in life is not limited to any specific area of human endeavour neither is it dictated by any laid down rules.

Mediocre Skills

According to a popular saying, people of mediocre skills out perform most naturally talented people for the fact that they careless to opt out of the game even when they are not getting the best out of it. They stay long enough with great focus thus taking the best available from the arena when many so called sharp people must have left the scene.

Do you still remember the old moral story telling of the journey between the fast running dog and the slow walking tortoise to the palace of the gods? The sluggish tortoise beat the fastest running dog silly. Also can you picture the ugly looking duckling who latter become the wonderful duck?

Do you see why many idiots are wealthy and still counting while some so called smart ladies and gents are at the back seat peddling analysis of events?

Here is a 5 step approach used by these idiots:-

· They know that no one is giving them another chance. So they utilize any opportunity thrown or open to them. They do not wait for a second chance.
· They are focused on the journey at hand while not missing the gaze of the expected end result.
· They insulate and motivate themselves against all forms of negative thoughts and information. Hardly do they rely on external motivation.
· They do analyze situations very fast to identify what the situation can offer them and take equal risks to grab them.
· Many individuals who think they are better placed do use them as errand runners.

.Thereby exposing them to ladders that will push them to the top.

But are they really idiots? Not realty!

You can judge people from what you see on the outside on your own peril. However, it is the person’s internal thinking system that makes the difference. These so-called idiots are gathering momentum for yet another shocker. You can only beat them when you refuse to be distracted from the journey and the end result.

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