• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

I Can’t Be The Only One Going Screw It I Can Not Do This Staying In, Like Tim Minchin ;)

Well, surely I am not, although I know it is for the good of us all that we all hibernate. Itis just so frustrating, I am getting lots of work done however, it is just in the evenings it is driving me mad. Normally I am at different meetups around Ireland, chatting with friends, or out at various social gatherings. It is just frustrating and driving me mad, so much I find this video fab! Tim Minchin and comedy, the man is a genuis.

Shows that are popular and receive high ratings, like Ready for This? And his largest tour to date was in 2010. (with a 55-piece orchestra). Matilda the Musical (2011), which won seven Olivier Awards, including Best Musical, numerous Tony Awards, and a Grammy nomination, also has music and lyrics written by Tim. Tim also contributed to the Groundhog Day musical, which in the spring of 2017 moved to the August Wilson Theatre on Broadway following a successful and well-received limited run at The Old Vic in London.

Great Comedy

Tim also performed his most recent show, BACK, on tour in 2019 to sold-out crowds in the UK and Australia. Tim’s most recent project, “Upright,” for which he also wrote the screenplay, the music, and the lyrics, is presently airing on Sky Atlantic in the UK and Fox in Australia.

Tim’s debut studio album, “Apart Together,” was released in 2020 to tremendous critical acclaim and peaked at number three on the ARIA Charts. Tim broadcast a concert from Sydney that was taped to commemorate the release of his album for a limited time (48 hours), during which he played all the songs on the album and discussed them. Thousands of people around the world downloaded and watched the small performance.

I just find myself walking around singing this, oh my what is happening? I am a 50s and 60s rock and roll chick singing a comedian’s tune. Although he is a good comedian is Tim Minchin. Both him and Briggs have this lockdown thing correct, make a song about it!

Great Lockdown Catchy Tune, Come On Guys Lets Make It No1

Better turn the kettle on….;)

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