• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

Oh my life over the past 12 months, learning to become a successful entrepreneur. Wow, I have had some strange negative people crawl out of the woodwork. Apparently I had to date an ugly ex-boyfriend, move to a country I don’t want to live in because some creep thinks it is okay to steal other people’s lives. It has been a crazy time.

What I Have Learned?

Well first pick mentors that fit you and not others. Ignore what other people are doing, learn to build your life. People will judge no matter what you do, all of us have haters. Let them hate, ignore them, only you are you. People wanting a piece of who you are becoming, don’t belong in your life.

What Do We All Actually Think Of The Saying, “Get Out Of The Rat Race?”

What is it they all mean by this? I mean why do we have to get out of the rat race? What is the rat race? I mean people call the Tech Industry to me but you have many successful millionaires in the tech industry and most of them calling them aren’t millionaires themselves. I find climbing up ladders is the way to real success. I don’t like to make out I am at a level I am not at. But so many say, “don’t follow a flock,” this then it gets confusing, these people saying this tend to be big gurus, these gurus have a big client base, these clients follow them on Facebook or Twitter, isn’t that following a flock?

What Does Making A Virtual Scene Mean To You?

Just because the interaction is virtual doesn’t mean you can’t “make a scene”. The main difference is that when you make a fool of yourself everyone can send private messages to one another about what an idiot you are. Watch what you say and how you act. One day someone is going to meet you in a “real” setting, recognize your profile picture or your name, and make an immediate (and fair) assumption that you are an idiot in real life too.

Are you crowding me?

Many systems like LinkedIn have introduction settings that allow a user to decide whether or not they want to accept direct introductions. I personally like meeting people and accept invitations from strangers. But lately I have been getting invitations from people who just want access to my network. Or who use their access to me online to pressure me for a sale. Some, even more persistent, invite me to be friends on Facebook. Here is the message I am sure many people are trying to get across to you: “Stop following me around. Its creeping me out”.

Do you monopolize the conversation?

You know what I am talking about: You post a question and one person has to go on and on about how they are the “One”, like Neo in the Matrix. Sure, they pretend to offer an unbiased solution, but after six postings about themselves and six more messages to my email it just gets overwhelming. It also causes other potential contributors to get tired of the sales pitches and leave the group. To be fair, vendors can add incredible value to a discussion. So don’t automatically assume a person is trying to sell you something. Extend professional courtesy to people and they will express their needs to you when it is appropriate.

I am constantly saying to myself lately, OH NO MORE IDIOTS!



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