• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

Doors Open When You Close The Wrong Ones

When you accept without argument that you and only you are responsible for your behaviour then you are on the road to a wealth of opportunities. There are no quick fixes but there are many recommendations that will set you towards the right path and then you may enlarge, as you feel receptive towards experiencing even more success.

Here are questions for you and they require some contemplation before replying, think you can handle it? I know you can! Do you understand the root of happiness? Are you easily influenced by exterior circumstances? Do you dwell too much on the negative versus the positive? Do you allow your mood swings to affect others resulting in fewer invites with friends?

Why Can You Not Be Happy?

There are a zillion more you could be asked but I am sure you get the idea and are able to come up with enough questions to beat the band. The object is not to supply myriads of reasons why you are not happy as you could be but to figure out how to reverse the trends that may be causing upheaval.

I want to see you smile so please place a pencil between your teeth, wait a few moments, guaranteed you will smile. The simulation of a smile you are enacting by lifting your cheeks upwards relays a message to your prefrontal cortex that you are smiling and it, in turn, tells your brain to smile with enthusiasm. Greet others with a good smile and learn to inebriate your life by having lots and lots of fun.

The Health Of Your Psyche

To find the source of your apathy let us investigate the health of your psyche by requesting some analysis. This is extremely painful because you have to face your ghosts and no matter how dreaded this may appear, it has enormous benefits.

Your brain is both a receiving and broadcasting station, and when you depart from the mundane of everyday life and allow it to communicate with its source, you shall understand the implication of its mysteries. Thus through analysis, we find what you have attracted which is causing emittance of unhappy thoughts and then we may adjust accordingly.

Look around your environment and ask it is a studio for promoting positive thoughts or is it more favourable for adverse thoughts. Look in the mirror and ask are you treating your body favourably with a good diet, good exercise and allowing humour into your life.

Eat Properly

If you desire happiness then it is essential to eat properly, sleep sufficiently, avoid unnecessary negative influences, exercise and meditate. It is through meditation that we cure all the woes of our psyche without fail if we believe we can. Everything always relates to belief and desire, which then motivate us to seek solutions and act upon them immediately. Not tomorrow or next week when the rain has stopped, but today and the sooner you commence, the faster you shall reap rewards for your new behaviours.

If you apply at least two of the suggestions like exercising and meditating, in the beginning, the rest shall follow along as you realise they are essential components of your well-being. Learn to be a conqueror, not a survivor but actually living instead of trying to survive then happiness will never be a question you are seeking an answer to because you will be a living example of its beauty. God bless!

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