• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

I Can’t Believe People Still Think I Care Who Is Branding People


It has been one of them days, thankfully I now have a copy and paste email that makes it clear. I constantly get rejects after my audience building ways and I simply am fed up of pointing out, “I hate branding” yes I have great audience-building skills, try doing courses people, you have lots of great courses regarding how people did the normal thing and gained skills and now have big businesses or blogs on the audiences. I am a journalist and software developer. Pitching on big content jobs. Around it i have a tech startup, get over it world! 😛 .

Branding Is Shit

I just find I love lots of things, good at branding yes, but I hate it! People think you can learn skills like that overnight, duh, a wake up call, I became good at building audiences and branding after years and years of courses. I started in 2012 and I still when I see a course by marketers like Tai Lopez or Neil Patel, I mean why not? What is it with these people moaning that I do courses and learn skills? Has Google broken in their world?

I just find, dwelling on stuff doesn’t do any good, build on new adventures. During the period after my break up, yes I had them times I found it difficult to even listen to sentimental music and love songs because it made me think of him too much. You go off your food or you do the opposite and eat too much, just to try to fill in that missing gap inside of you. But then I thought, fuck it! I started to date and nowadays I am happier than I have ever been.

Finding Me Again

It’s at this point that you must say to yourself I need to get over this breakup and work to recover your old self and enjoy life again. Feelings just can’t go away over night and it will take some time to get over the hurdles I was now facing. I must not lock myself away from the people who are there for you especially your family and close friends. Remember that one of the best ways to get over your ex is to spend time having fun with the ones you love and who love you. Also, it’s not going to help you to jump into a new relationship so soon after this one has ended just because you think it will make it easier to get over your ex. This wouldn’t be fair on you and the person who you got together with.

Aswell as the things mentioned above there are also lots of simple things you can do to get through the first stages of a break up. Keep in mind getting over a break up is easier if you are willing to help yourself and are prepared to work on feeling positive about life again. Like I am

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