• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

Have you ever wished you were in the film? “You’ve got mail“, Just chatting with the nicest man you’ve spoken to in years? So easy going, not interested in your skills, how much you will be worth in a few years, just a genuine guy. I am so happy and just living my life away from the pathetic nonsense in the UK.

Over the past year, I have learned its time to write a list of people I don’t want in my life, turn my back on people who can’t do what I do, make them learn I know my skills and don’t want a VA built audience, instead of my own. This is when the work begins. It is time to walk away from all who have hurt me over the years and go and find me. I think that is what he has shown me, that you do have nice men out there.

The IM INDUSTRY! “Be a good little female, don’t shine, only men are to shine! Or plastic boob Barbies

I mean I just look at the IM Industry and go, really have you not thought upper-class twits fund females they float around in the tech industry for a few years, but they are Barbies, they allowed. God, the IM Industry needs to learn that skills take years to learn. My all time dream is to build that piece of software that is so different people go, thanks that is something I always needed, something that is isn’t the typical app, I want a man that enjoys my company because we click and work together.

I want to have enough money to go in any designer shop and buy the nicest dresses around. It is like females who code are not to become business women, instead we are replaced by actual rejects who can’t do half I can do! I just find when I get a message of this man he is genuine and it is so nice. Just chatting to a man that doesn’t want a piece of me.

Anyway, I am going to take my time talking to this man, I haven’t really wanted to chat just meaninglessly for years. Is it fate or will it be a big mistake? I don’t know, I just know I am enjoying getting to know him and building on things I am passionate about is so much easier.  Yes turning my back on people who don’t belong in my life is finally showing me ones who do.


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