• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

What is the meaning of love?

It annoys me how people want those things that they think will make them happy, yet once they have them they never are. I mean a big bank account, it makes your life easier, it doesn’t always make it better. Love, how does it actually help?

Love is the single most powerful energy in the universe. When someone says “Love,” it often becomes skewed with romance, or to guys, “unmanly.” Many neglect to see that there are many different types of love:

*Tough Love
*Compassionate Love
*Brotherly Love
The list goes on…

What makes “Love” so powerful??
The answer is- The same thing that makes fear so powerful! Our Emotions

We as humans were born with love in our hearts. As time goes on, we often replace this Love with Fear. Today it is nearly impossible not to have any Fear, since we live in a world where materials and others perception means everything.

Many of us tend to forget that “Love” is actually a choice! Sure a feeling can strike you when you first endure this positive vibe, but does that automatically mean you have “fallen in love” like its some kind of ditch?

Let me ask you this…

If your boss makes you upset, do you automatically bash his/her brains in?? Even though many of us would like to 99% of the time we choose not to. But why?! Because we think ahead and know we will be left jobless, or worse… It’s the same with Love! Sure we may find someone, or something we feel we cannot live without, but the end all-be all is still within our control to make a comprehensive decision.

At this point, you may be thinking, “Alright Donna, what are you getting at here?”

So glad you asked! I’m stating that we CAN acquire the single-most powerful force known to us all if we choose to!

For example– Two people start the same job at the exact same time. One person absolutely loves their job, while the other person views it as a typical “9-5”. The person that loves their job will exceed quickly without question since they are excited to get up for work each day and give it their all. This then leads to a higher job position, which means–more pay! A person that loves their job will not allow the extra income to go to their head. They use the extra income in a way that will allow them to provide greater value within their field of expertise.

Meanwhile, as this perpetual cycle of wealth continues, the other person chooses to keep living their own perpetual cycle of unhappiness, and misfortune every single day they walk into work

“We get what we want when we just help other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

With that, you can have anything you want because you naturally have a desire to help others get what they want. This in return will get you what you want! Not only will Love provide you the necessities to succeed, but it will also allow you to greatly appreciate each and every day, and those who are part of it.

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