• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

My heart lies in Journalism


Over the past few years, I have had a go at a number of things, but nothing makes me tick like Journalism. I love getting to the cut of a great story, but I find I am a chick who loves nature, just taking and capturing great pictures with my camera nowadays, learning that these are more important than silly people and stupid debates that waste my time.

Why be a journalist?

Truth be told, being a journalist isn’t usually your regular 9-5 type of career nor is journalism always one of those things that is just a set routine like what most people expect. If done right, journalism can be one of those dream careers that could probably be one of the best choices you may ever make for your life.

The best thing to do with journalism is to usually write about something related to your passions. In fact, that’s what being a journalist mainly is for lack of a simpler explanation. Writing about your passions and sharing them to the world. And writing isn’t always the only avenue. Videos and images are also great ways to express these passions.

So what exactly do you love to share? There are journalists in almost everything. From lifestyle, hobbies, sports and even things like current affairs and world events. Some other ideas are to share things that occur to you day to day or something you are already knowledgeable about. For example, if you are a parent then you can write about your experiences about parenting. If you love video games then you can write about your favorite games. Journalism is very flexible with these type of things.

What Do You Write About?

It really depends on the industry you explore when it comes to journalism. Mainly the interest groups on the type of industry you are exploring. There are those types of industries that are highly sought-after and in-demand but there are also ones that have a smaller but more targeted and focused interest group. Getting paid the big bucks as a journalist not only requires skill but also being in an industry where there is a heavy interest.

At least that’s what it was like back in the old days. Now even the smallest of smallest niches can warrant you some big moolah thanks to the world of Internet Marketing. Things like Blogging or Article Marketing can be avenues to earn some potentially life-changing income. Couple this with a HUGE audience base across the Internet and you’re well on your way to making the big bucks. Just by writing about your passions and the things you’re already knowledgeable in.

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