• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

Is Love Blind?

Thinking that we might hurt another person, we act in such a way that they don’t get hurt.

But we tend to forget the fact that even we are humans too.

We do have the same emotions and feelings that the other person feels.

But do we consider this when we act?

No. Why?

Because we love that person so much, that we will do anything to satisfy them, ignoring our emotions, and don’t care whether we get hurt or not, and get addicted to this chain of behavior.

At no time, the thought strikes in our mind, whether they are worth all these troubles and hurts.

Are they worth so much of our PERSONAL attention?

The reason, that we love them, fails to answer this question.

As Shakespeare puts it and scientifically proven by the scientists…


You may say love is blind because the love for a person comes, not for the outside looks but the character of a person, from deep inside our heart.

Well, I’m saying that love is blind because, being in love blinds you of who you are and what you are capable of. It blinds the present happiness that is there around you and takes you to the ‘perfect’ world…The Dream World!!!

As you may know, making them to realize who they are to us is a piece of cake, but the question arises whether do you really want to prove your love to them?

Even if we did, there arises a little guilt, that we have created sympathy, by proving how much we love them and hence they love us back.

Is this true love?

Something where you are left to prove your love to that so-called special someone?

I guess, not.

We have always consoled ourselves saying that this person is not fit to be in our life because we are much better and we deserve better. But have we ever thought whether we are fit to be in their life because ‘we’ are not better? Maybe you are actually better than him/her, but what if you aren’t?

If you happen to know the powers of psychology and have the ability to change their mind and you may do so, you will think twice before doing it. Is he/she worth it?

I guess most of you might have experienced these states.

So what can we do when you get into these kinds of situations?

Prove your love to them? Ditch them and carry on with your own life and regret your decision, each and every minute, after?

Or hey, the most common way of getting away from problems. Runaway or commit suicide.

But will that change anything? No

The best way to come out of it is to divert. Get yourself equipped. The world and everything are created for man to realize himself. And if that doesn’t cheer you up, this is what I quote –

“No matter how many people thwart at you, you still have your place in God’s hands”.

And if you don’t believe in God, I quote –

“No matter how many people thwart at you, you still have yourself, nature, and a place under the sun”.

I say you have yourself because, no matter how many mistakes you have done involuntarily or voluntarily, you always forgive yourself and move on.

So forgive and forget.

If he or she is truly your special someone, then he/she will, for sure, come back into your life at a later stage and make it blissful.

I may belong to the categories where people search for their lives…NO OFFENCE BUT…

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