• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

Why do people lie?


I am so sick of liers, but I suppose the answer is simple enough as they don’t want to be caught out. That is not a good answer, however, as there is much more to it than that. Some people are compulsive liars and will argue the point to prove they are right. The problem is kids are lied to and they grow up believing that if adults do it they can as well. Who lies to them? Parents do! Those who insist on children believing in Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy or even reading them fictional stories without explaining that they are not real is part of the world of lies.

The problem is the brain is a sponge and what goes in is hard to get out. That’s why brainwashing is effective, especially for the young. Religions know about that and they want children from as young an age as possible to impress on them the lies of heaven and hell and that the devil is tempting them into evil.

Don’t teach people to lie

These lies are never overcome as they are taught from generation to generation. The elders of pre-historic times had many of the same stories that are going around today. They believed in ‘angels’, ‘devils’ and even in a Supreme God. What they didn’t know? Is it that the earth is round, that space is infinite, and that the sun is not the giver of life?

The religions born of those times migrated and grew into modern faiths and they still use brain-washing of the young and incorporate lies to explain some way off god in heaven that has no power. Also, the stories they repeat are interesting and most believe them.

With lies from every quarter the individual is not that fussy about a lie. Nor do they to cover up something that is not understood. They also don’t try to escape blame, especially if fiery hell is waiting to take them.

As one who remembers reincarnation and knows that there is no heaven or hell. My link to the Spirit has prevented me from telling lies. That makes it harder to understand why so many people do it!

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