• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

I wish someone would have told me about the Dream Giver book back in 2005 when this transition took place. Ah well, with my Chloeric personality, I made the decision to do it regardless of all the negative feedback. Now I work out of my home, though I am still not quite where I want to be regarding certain businesses in terms of income, I do have the time freedom that would have never been possible with just one company. And, every day our business is growing and getting closer and closer to hitting our ultimate goal!

This is not about patting myself on the back, however, it does lead me to my point. Since I am involved in SEO Marketing, and I absolutely love this industry for many reasons, when someone new joins our team, they have made the decision to do something different. Many people come into the business with enthusiasm and a vision for a better tomorrow. Knowing that MLM is not easy, simple not easy, it is imperative that I equip my new business partner with the necessary information to help them as they get started. The most vulnerable time for anyone in the business is their first 30-90 days. Instead of trying to be “the expert,” and teaching people everything I have learned over the years, I lead them to information that can equip and prepare them for the journey that lies ahead.

It is sad to say it, but many people will be easily influenced by their closest friends and family. Instead of supporting this newly found ambition, many will try and shoot them down. They will try and find reasons why they shouldn’t do the business, instead of supporting all the reasons why they should. Not everyone will take this attitude, however, ask anyone that has built a successful team in the business and you will see the pattern. So why are there so many dream stealers instead of dream encouragers?

A mentor of mine once said, “People are not supportive of your decision to change. They like you the way you are. If you go on to become successful financially, and they don’t, it makes people uncomfortable. Even though they have the same opportunity as you, many will choose not to take it. They are too comfortable with life as it is to pursue anything greater.”

In Leadership Gold, John Maxwell says, “The hardest part about Leadership is you won’t end your journey with some of the people you started it with.” It is true, in order to expand your horizons, you will literally need to change your thinking. Once you change your thinking, your habits will change, thus changing your results.

As you change and become a different person, you will often hear, “I don’t like the person you have become.” This is not generally because you have become negative, it is because you have become different. Since you are pursuing bigger goals and dreams, your thinking will surpass that of your current peers who have not decided to join you on the success journey. Instead of going to the movies on Friday night and hanging out at the bar afterward for a few drinks, LIKE YOU USED TO DO, you now choose to read a book on Friday night and relax at home with your family.

Every Saturday you used to go bowling with your drinking buddies, instead now you are spending time working with your group and helping them build their business. Instead of watching football all day on Sunday, now you attend church and spend the entire day in fellowship with your church family. Instead of listening to rap music and modern day rock with profanity and immorality, you now listen to Christian Rock or personal growth CDs.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” As you come into your newfound success and happiness, you will also notice that new, like-minded people, will also enter into your life. It is not that you are leaving anyone behind, it is that you are growing and they are not. I am still friends with several people from VA, however, I have many more new relationships as well.

Think about someone you graduated from high school with. You decided to become a Construction Worker and learn a trade, while she went to college and became a doctor. While it was true that you were good friends in school, since you both chose different paths for your professional life, your relationship is more than likely not the same now, as it once was. When making a decision to change your circumstances in life, that change will be accepted by some and rejected by others.

For all of you who know of someone that has, or is considering, making changes in their life, be a dream encourager. Though sometimes these decisions will have an impact on your relationship with this person, if you truly love them, support them! They will get their fair share of criticism, believe me, however, they will always remember, respect, and love those who encouraged them! Not ones trying to steal from you!

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