• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

What is it about today’s society that allows people to think and act like total idiots? What happened to our personal morals? Why is it that no one believes in karma any longer? Why is it so difficult for so many people to do the right thing? When will we, as a society, realize that the ability of the human brain to utilize common sense is the most significant thing we have to offer the world and people around us? Seriously, where has all the common sense gone?

We are deficient in one of the most basic of human brain talents in a world that has been intended to be intricately fair and judicial – exceptionally advanced and bright. To think and behave in a clear and sensible manner.

Teach Children To Build On Passions

We spend the majority of our time as parents attempting to teach our children how to utilize common sense. Climbing atop the bookcase is dangerous since it may topple over and injure you. It’s not good to strike your sister, and you’ll get in trouble if you do. If you take your sippy cup’s lid off, it will flow all over the floor. It will injure you if you stab yourself in the eye with a fork during dinner. You will be in trouble if you speak while the teacher is speaking.

We teach youngsters a seemingly limitless list of things to do and value in life. The most important parental lesson is to teach our children common sense and to build on themselves. For what purpose? Because, based on recent headlines and the overall actions of society as a whole, it appears that by the time many people reach adulthood, they have lost all sense. Life has suddenly become about living in the moment and not worrying about the implications or personal duties we may have to others or ourselves. From one instant to the next, life is tenuous.

Is it really necessary for Starbucks and McDonald’s to label hot cocoa and coffee with a warning that the contents are hot? Is it really necessary for cot and stroller manufacturers to spend billions of dollars teaching to parents what they should and shouldn’t do in order to protect their businesses? Isn’t it true that most of these things are obvious? Is it really necessary for a court to intervene and rule that Sandusky’s actions were ethically wrong? Are movie ratings truly accountable for guiding parents’ decisions about what is appropriate for their children to watch?

If you look inside your car, you’ll notice at least one, if not two, prominently printed, permanent labels explaining the dangers of air bags. You’ll also see another printed warning that claims the backseat is the safest area for an infant or baby. Is it really necessary to mark infant garments with fire retardant labels?

Utilize Common Sense

The litany of nonsense that only serves to demonstrate that society has lost its ability to utilize common sense is infinite. Courts today are wasting millions of dollars on false court proceedings and absurd squabbles between people who didn’t use their common sense and then want to blame someone else for their ignorance.

The New York Times recently published an article on a group of people who banded together to sue fast food restaurants for causing them to gain weight. What happened to personal responsibility and freedom of choice? Were these people forced to eat Big Macs and Apple Pies, as well as Whoppers with Coke? What about caution labels on toothpaste tubes that say not to ingest toothpaste? Is that really necessary? Because in a normal society, where people apply their common sense, it would be obvious that swallowing toothpaste is not in their best interests.

This lack of common sense is explained in a case study from Psychology Today. The natural development of people becoming more intellectual appears to be to remain in a novelty-seeking condition of youth. The greater an individual’s IQ, the more likely they are to lack civilities or common sense. Perhaps, as a culture, we are becoming so technologically clever that we are losing our ability to be stable and effective in a society that relies on common sense to work properly. Maybe, just maybe, this is why our world is the way it is now. However, it appears that this hypothesis – that great thinkers use their pragmatic approach to life to overthink everyday, easy things of life and make them tough – is difficult to swallow.

Lack of Common Sense

There are two reasons for this lack of common sense. Egoism and selfishness. People nowadays put so much emphasis on always being correct, on winning – even when there is nothing to win or lose – that they have lost touch with the most basic of human functions. It’s only common sense.

People will soon stop thinking altogether due to a lack of common sense and the load placed on everyone and everything else in the world to accommodate it. For the time being, at least. So, what’s next?

Perhaps, rather than college exit exams and papers, graduation examinations, and standardized testing, success might be evaluated in one’s capacity to function independently in a world that is far simpler than we could ever imagine. Imaginatively, each of us would be fascinated by individuals who could pass the life’s common sense test – and those who could not.

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