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Stab Me I will Stab You Back

What does it feel like to walk on eggshells? You know, the ones you’ve been stepping on in order to please your new friend? She’s actually not that horrible. I understand she doesn’t have any other friends, but she’s simply misunderstood.

It makes you wonder how someone could be so misunderstood and misrepresented by everyone she encounters. Despite this, there’s something about her that makes you uncomfortable.

Your gut instincts about these people are usually true, and they will drain you to the point of exhaustion before moving on to someone else.


There is a personality type that will stab you in the back at the first opportunity. Here are some telltale symptoms that you’re dealing with one of them.

1. You feel like you’ve been smacked when they give you a compliment.

Isn’t this something you’ve heard before? “Wonderful sweater!” “Nice dress, if your legs were longer, it might look fine,” or “Nice dress, if your legs were longer, it might look good.” A compliment can be served backhand in a million different ways. You’re being harsh, petty, or too sensitive if you become offended or defend yourself.

2. They will be content with you only if you allow them to win at everything.

This type of person is so insecure that they can’t be made to make a mistake without exploding. They will argue to the death to defend a foolish idea merely to avoid being wrong. Any minor dispute you have with them quickly escalates into a major squabble in which they accuse you of coldly attempting to destroy them.

The truth is that every word they say and every thought they propose is intended to bring you under their control so that you can be used. Any measures necessary to do this will be employed, including the destruction of your life, relationships, confidence, and, ultimately, your sanity. They have the ability to persuade.

3. They make sexual advances toward your husband or partner.

This type of individual has no morals or ethics. She would most likely try to steal your partner just for fun if she felt she could. When you look back on the lives of these people, you’ll notice a pattern of broken relationships and infidelity.

They have no regret for what they have done; in fact, they will tell you without blinking that everyone “deserved it.”

4. Their everyday conversation is laced with insults.

Almost everyone has something negative to say about this person. If you think you’re the only one who gets away with her harsh criticisms, think again. When you are not around, she says the same things to others about you. Lies are stated to attract compassion or help, and to repel anyone who sees the truth about them and perceives them as a threat.

If you defend yourself or someone else they’re trying to kill, you become a threat, and they’ll use any means they can think of to kill you. They can make your best friends turn against you and even have you fired, banned, or killed if they are not exposed.

Another feature of this personality type is that, while they may disparage anyone who is nice, they may also defend harmful individuals and groups.

5. They’re envious of your other acquaintances.

A person with this disposition tries to exert control over all of your communication in order to benefit themselves. They regard it as a threat if you become too attached to someone else and work directly or surreptitiously to damage your relationships.

Harmful lies are created and circulated without regard for the consequences.

6. They make you feel unattractive, foolish, and unlovable.

Every word spoken by someone like this is intended to make you feel inferior so that you can be used. They’re what you’d call “energy vampires” if you’ve ever heard the term. The energy vampires are convinced that they are unable to manufacture energy and must rely on others to survive. They will use any methods necessary to do this, and it will never be productive.

A person who has lapses in concentration is not necessarily an energy vampire. The actual energy vampires are always like this. They have an underlying frantic urge to maintain control over the people around them. They are in a grave situation. This individual sees you as their own robot to use, not as a friend or someone to care for. They will drop you and find a new host once you have completed your mission.

The strategy is the same: tear you down quietly until you lose faith in yourself, then use the results of your labor to get as much as they can while they can.

7. They appear to be coldly calculated.

They may claim to love you more than everything else in the world, but their eyes aren’t smiling. Their embrace has no warmth to it. When you’re with them, you’re on edge. In these cases, your gut instincts are almost certainly correct.

8. They are exceedingly spiteful when they believe they have been wronged.

Do you recall the eggshells we mentioned earlier? It’s here that you’ll notice them the most. This personality type is known as the “suddenly angry” person. You’re going about your daily routine when they become “suddenly angry,” and you have no idea what happened.

They then transform this perceived insult into the world’s worst crime against humanity, and after being harrassed about it for a long time, you begin to believe it yourself. And you begin to suspect that there is something fundamentally wrong with you for being so blind and committing such a major transgression by accident.

In actuality, you have done nothing wrong; this person has just decided, for whatever reason, that they must reclaim control of you, and the blow up is the way by which they will do so.

Any “sin” you’ve ever committed in their perspective is added to a mental list of your sins and brought up whenever they feel the need to reassert control over you.

Everything you’ve ever done wrong to them (in their perspective) is unforgivable, whereas whatever they’ve done wrong to you is insignificant. You’re either being overly sensitive or making a huge deal out of nothing. They’ll show you how. It just goes to show how weak and foolish you are and how superior they are, never in simple English of course, but you’ll get the gist of it.


9. They take joy in the suffering of others.

Anyone who chuckles or smiles when others are in suffering, whether physical or mental, is insane. It is not a typical human trait to wish for others to suffer or be upset. Mentally healthy people, on the other hand, want to help others and eliminate their sources of sorrow.

When something painful occurs, some people chuckle, but this is a reaction to shock or discomfort. You can tell when someone is genuinely enjoying someone else’s suffering. This is a significant warning sign.

10. Your life has taken a turn for the worse.

The introduction of one of these personality types into your life can wreak tremendous devastation to you and those around you. Nine times out of ten, what appears to be a run of “poor luck” is the poisoning of your environment by one of these energy vampires. Ordinary individuals with good intentions can generate energy. They channel their energy into what they require in order to improve their own survival and that of others.

The rest of your life suffers drastically when your energy, attention, and actions are diverted into consciously or unconsciously trying to protect or defend yourself, or to clean up the havoc these personalities leave in their wake. If things were going well in your life and then all of a sudden everything went wrong, take a look back and see who entered your life just as the catastrophe began. Your life will return to normal if you do this and comb the lice out of your hair.

One of the things you may be telling yourself is that this individual is genuinely nice and has just had a poor day. While the person beneath is wonderful, the persona they have taken on is dangerous. You should not put your trust in them. Even the most heinous criminals have some redeeming qualities, but it doesn’t mean you should let them near you or your loved ones.

Remove the energy vampires from your life until they decide to join the human race, and then go find some new buddies.

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