• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

I’m Back Concentrating On Me Nowadays


Jan 10, 2023

It’s been a crazy ride. What with people trying to set perverts on me because they can’t write books themselves or build their own life. Anyway I have been off the internet in serious pain suffering from fibroids which also brought early menopause on.

Anyway screw them. I have no idea why they are obsessed with me meant to be in the fitness niche. If you know me, when I am better I will transform. But I was told by other millionaires to concentrate on my books nowadays and scaling my life. Then look into branding what’s different. Understand the haters saying I am weird let them. But Also go after them as my client base.

Anyway I am working from home, looking for my own place. Building my life again then heading to London. I am past caring about back stabbers. Past watching FB and I am going to build on myself. So what if I am different and weird. Those are my client base. People keep going on but who the hell wants to be stuck branding shit businesses all your life for a living. I want to only become known for being different.

It isn’t the 1980s…..

Anyway I am back on here everyday. I am going to use this as a proper journal and go for it…I seriously need to get to work. Focus, focus focus. Nowadays go I don’t care about mentors I don’t want students. I just find I have way bigger ambition than a 5 grand course.

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